I thought when I grew up I’d have a “Happily Ever After” life. I bought the Cinderella fairytale hook, line and sinker! As an adult, I realized that kind of life is a fantasy of colossal proportions. My LIFE began when I packed that fantasy away. I was less disappointed in myself, my partners, my friends, and ultimately my husband. I was more appreciative of my own accomplishments and happier with my relationships with others. Once I accepted the fact that I was the person who made me happiest and it was no one else’s job to create my happily ever after — that’s when I began to truly LIVE my LIFE!

So here’s to happily ever after! Life is what we make it.


5 thoughts on “Life

  1. Amen! I did the same thing, basically. Once I let go of unreasonably high expectations, life truly began. Great post. Very inspirational!

    Stopping by from TRDC.

  2. Hey there, just stopping by from the RDC to say hi and wanted to say – yess! Its so true. I’ve recently read a book by Shannon Ethridge called Every Woman’s battle and much of it is about how we make ourselves so unhappy by comparing ourselves, our lives and our husbands to the romantic ideal that movies, media and books portray. We get addicted to it and it makes us unhappy! Love your thoughts. Great to meet you.

  3. I agree 100%. I think that isa major part of growing up Excepting that things are not how you tought they’d be and learning to be happy anyway 🙂 Stopping by from the Reddress.

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