I Do

It’s July 2, 2011 and I am sitting in Mission Dolores Basilica in San Francisco waiting to see my “adopted daughter” Priscilla marry her beloved Angelo. All of their family and friends anxiously awaiting their arrival at the altar with smiles and love in their hearts. I sit here in this beautiful Church and remember the young girl who fell in love with a young man ten years ago. Today, I am here to witness one fearless act by two young adults and I smile knowing they are committing to loving each other for their lifetime. Their hearts are so full of love on their wedding day, just like us formerly engaged people used to be.

I remember my journey to the altar and my pledge to love in sickness and in health, in good times and during the bad times. Marriage is not always easy but every good memory that a couple creates has to be used to keep you present when dealing with the bad memories. Love and life’s bumps and bruises are so much easier to deal with when you are holding the hand of your best friend and true love.

It’s so important to remember what brought a husband and wife together because that’s the glue that helps keep a marriage together when times get tough. It’s not about the dress and attendees. It’s not about the reception it’s about the foundation of love that they have built that keeps the roof over their head when the storms come. Couples know how to love when things are great, yet they falter when things get hard. They pack up and call it quits as they succumb to fear.

So my prayer for Priscilla and Angelo today, is that they hold onto the love that brought them here to this moment and cherish each other forever. I pray that they face their fears together and let nothing or no one tear them apart. I pray that their family and friends help to guide them peacefully toward a future filled with FAITH, BLESSINGS and UNENDING LOVE!

With all my love,



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