REPOST: The Resignation Letter Everyone Would Love To Write!

Well, I’ve done it! I’ve finally done something that I’m sure will ultimately come back and bite me in the tuckus.

I have really advanced in my 40 Day FEAR Cleanse and I am no longer afraid that I will not get what I deserve out of life.

Now faced with underemployment, I decided to take time and reflect on my job of the past year and write a resignation/fuck off letter that will go down in infamy. It has always been my secret desire to do this but I never had the nerve because I cared what people would think, I guess because I didn’t know my own worth. Well now I do, and I am not willing to settle for less than the best for me or my family! This letter serves as my reflection on: the crap we endure to feed our families, the ways we work to stay viable in our society, the courage to say enough is enough even in hard economical times and a comical way to leave a job. Without further adieu …


It is with great joy that I write my formal resignation letter from your fine establishment. I have always done the politically correct thing and provided my employer with a minimum of two weeks notice and I considered doing that but I reflected on that practice and I decided against it because, well, I honestly don’t like you and I would never use this Micky Mouse organization on my resume or request a reference from you! So effective today, at the close of business, my slave status with your organization will be formally done. I hope you understand this decision is “only business” and I decided to start earning more money at a respectable company tomorrow instead of helping you out.

I have spent the last year of life during my employment with your company acting as if I was not smarter than you and placating your insecure ego by not letting my brilliance shine. I offered only the smallest amount of advise that your egos could handle and quietly taught my classroom of children and completed none of the management work that you compensated me for but prohibited me from doing. Your offer to reduce my pay and hours in order to pay for your new truck and corvette was insulting!

I would like to personally thank you three for the opportunity to learn first hand:
1) How not to run a business, how to under-utilize the talented staff that you have,
2) How to intimidate employees as you selfishly flaunt your “profits” as you come and meet with your minions (oops, I meant employees), and
3) How to dedicate a lot of time staring at video tape and claiming to be a marketing guru that is too cheap to advertise your own business.

I have already informed the parents that I am leaving. I also let them know how much I will truly miss them and their children because they have truly been a joy and the only reason I showed up at this hell hole of a job everyday.

Please send my final paycheck to me at me home address, which is located on the envelope of this letter and in my personnel file.

Good riddance,

Sammie Love

Follow-up as of 9/20/11

When I originally wrote this letter to my employer, I took a HUGE RISK with my reputation in this field. As I mentioned I had never done something like this before, and I am sure that I will never do this again. I ultimately still believe that I needed to speak up for myself and speak out against my mistreatment. While some may view what I did as career suicide, I firmly believe that cream always rises to the top! Sometimes you just have to put your foot down and say I am worth more than you think and trust that things will turn out fine. Of course we were financially challenged and my husband carried a lot of the weight but we will get back on track and in the end my happiness and home life has improved and that was worth the price of leaving that job. I did wind up staying for two weeks after I submitted this letter as a courtesy.

I have accepted a new position as the Director of a full inclusion preschool. I can not express how truly blessed I am to be working with children and families that have special needs. I am now employed by owners that have experience running a school, understand the needs of families that have special needs children, and truly value their employees and strongly encourage and pay for their employees professional development.


9 thoughts on “REPOST: The Resignation Letter Everyone Would Love To Write!

  1. Ok, I have to know – did you give this to them? Or is it one of those you write for yourself and then tear up? Because I LOVE it either way! πŸ˜‰

    And I’m so glad it worked out for you too!

  2. Your letter was priceless. What I loved about it was your ability to turn your resignation into a reverse performance appraisal for your employer. It was a great piece and although burning a bridge is tempting, it really was wise to revise your plan a bit. Well done.

  3. Nothing to say but….BRAVO! and who woulda thought….that women “HAVE NO BALLS”…HA…I know one person who has ‘GIGANTIC BRASS BALLS’….Sammie does…I love it.

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