SEATTLE (delayed post 7/18/11)

I’ve always loved Seattle!  It’s a beautiful city with beautiful people and all, but the thing I love most about it was the time I spent there for a one week family vacation that turned into a three-week journey to truly meeting my Father.

My Father was always in my life.  My Mom and Dad were married and he lived with us until his death. But he was the quiet type.  He quietly supported me.  He quietly disciplined me with a look that stopped me dead in my tracks!  Even though we lived together I never really knew HIM until that trip we took to Seattle and then Vancouver.

I was 18 when we went to Seattle and I had just finished my freshman year in college.  I hadn’t wanted to go on the trip but my Mom said I was going and staying with friends for that long was out of the question and our family all lived outside of California.  I grudgingly went, I cried as I said goodbye to my boyfriend and off to Seattle we went.

I learned so much there about my Dad I could write his biography!  He really opened up there and we found forgiveness there. The trip really made me think about my life differently and my faith differently. I truly began to see all of the struggles that he’d overcome, and I understood the determination that he had to do things differently for his family. GOD opened our hearts on that trip revealed a masterpiece to me and it was my Dad!


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