The Accidental Blogger — Summer Blog Special

I started my blog because I had written a reflection on Father’s Day. As I wrote it I had been looking at all the well wishes on Twitter for Father’s Day. I also noticed a lot of single Mom’s speaking their experiences of “being” both parents to their children and at the complete opposite end of the spectrum were these fabulous odes to fathers.

My story was different from any I had read and I wanted to tell it. That’s how The Musings And Ramblings of Sammie Love began. I’ve only been blogging for a month. But here is my advice for someone that is new and decides they want to start a blog.

1) Read other blogs:
If you have twitter, there are tons of people there that have blogs. Check out those links and read away.

2) Evaluate other blogs:
Look at the design of other blogs. What images do they use? Are they affiliated with other blogs? Take note of what you like and what you don’t like about each blog.

3) Decide what platform you’d like to use. Is it a WordPress, Typepad or Blogger? What features do you want your blog to have?

4) Decide what message you want to send out to the world and make a writing schedule. Fact check, spell check, and grammar check! It’s important and readers notice. You never know, your high school English teacher may stumble upon your blog and won’t he/she be so proud of you for crossing your “T’s” and dotting your “I’s”.

5) Be true to yourself. Don’t pick a topic just because it’s a headline in the news. If you don’t have passion about the subject — don’t write about it!

6) Engage your readers. Ask their opinions. Make them feel welcome to comment on your blog.

7) Answer the comments that readers leave on your blog. It fosters your connection with them. Thank them for taking time to read your thoughts.

8) Talk with other bloggers! Find out about their successes and their lessons learned.

9) Promote yourself on Twitter or Facebook because if you are writing and no one knows you are there, then who is reading what you wrote? (Can you hear the sounds of crickets out in the fields way beyond your backyard?)

10) Exercise your voice! Say what’s on your mind and have a great time writing.


4 thoughts on “The Accidental Blogger — Summer Blog Special

  1. How have you only been writing for a month? It takes so many of us SEVERAL months to gather all that!

    I, too, think seeing how others do things is a great guide to crafting your own presence.

    • Hi Liz, Sorry it took me awhile to respond. I started my blog on June 20th and I still see areas that I need to improve on. One thing is to create a “cleaner blog” in terms of navigating through the pages and posts. My dear friend Alison doesn’t really like music in blogs so I am trying to separate the Songs of the Day posts into their own page, that task is not going as easily as I had planned but it’ll get there!

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