Summer Ended Too Quickly

This a Sunday Streams of Consciousness exercise. 5 minutes of writing whatever is on my mind at that moment. No spellcheck or grammar check, just me clearing my mind.

It’s T-1 day and younger children return to school. They are attending different schools this year which adds pressure to get them both where they need to be on time every morning. I’ve planned, laid out their clothes, prepared lunch but all the organization in the world goes out the window when trying to get a child with ADHD and Dyslexia out of the house if he is having a bad morning.

His bad mornings equal his sister and me being late to school and work, in spite of our best efforts and us being ready to leave on-time. I hope this school year will be better and I pray that they both have a successful school year. We are all in transition this year. He begins Middle School, she is in the 5th grade and ready to run her Elementary School and me being off work until September. Things are different for each of us this school year and in seven hours we’ll see how it goes.


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