Perfectly Me — JustBeEnough post

My nickname is Sammie.  I write under the name Sammie Love.  My Dad called me Sammie because he had wanted a boy.  I come from a long line of perfectionist’s. I am the daughter of a jill-of-all trades mother and mathematician/civil engineer father.  I am a Type-A person. I struggle daily with the vision I have for my life versus my reality. I grew up and always envisioned I’d have a perfect American life. I’d go to college, get married, travel, buy a house with a white picket fence, have two perfect children, and live happily ever after.

Well, life didn’t quite turn out like my “perfect plans.”  I did go to college and I finished in six years because I had my first son while I was in still in school.  I traveled through North America, but I never made it to most of the places on my travel list with the exception of Paris, FR and London, EN on my second honeymoon.  I got married and had two additional bundles of joy.  That’s right I have three children not the two children I dreamed about and I should add one of them is a regular learner, one of them has ADHD and Dyslexia, and one of them has been classified as gifted.  We live in the San Francisco Bay Area and we are unsure if we will ever own another piece of the American Dream here, but I assure you I am living my happily ever after!

My life is not as perfect as I envisioned in my youth but it is PERFECT!  Its perfect for ME! All of my joys and all of my challenges have been a gift because they taught me that I can handle anything that lays before me.  My perfect life has helped me increase my faith and remember that no woman is an island unto herself.  I’ve had to learn to reach out to others for help so that I could learn and grow from them.  I’ve also learned to share my knowledge with people in need and how to advocate for children whose voices otherwise would not be heard.

As I look at my perfect life today, I am proud of the woman I have grown up to be because:

  • I am African American
  • I am a daughter.
  • I am a sister.
  • I am a friend to many.
  • I am a rape survivor.
  • I am a college graduate.
  • I am a wife.
  • I am a mother of three children.
  • I am a early childhood educator.
  • I am a mentor to new teachers.
  • I am a writer.
  • I am a special needs advocate.
  • I am a cancer survivor.
  • I am uniquely me.


14 thoughts on “Perfectly Me — JustBeEnough post

  1. This is fantastic! It’s a beautiful thing to see someone come to the realization that their life is perfect for them, as it is. I’m so happy you linked up with JBE today so I could read this. Thank you!

    • Hi Robin,

      I’ve been away from my computer. I am making lemonade! Somedays I get really blue but for the most part I just keep pressing forward. It’s all about my reactions to what life throws my way.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. What an amazing example of celebrating your perfect life. I love how you have positives and negatives and the acceptance that all of those things together have twisted together to give you the perfect life for you 🙂

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