Back to School 2011

This last week gave me plenty of reasons to smile. My youngest child started 5th grade and it is the first year that she has been in school without her older brother.

My youngest son had a major milestone as well, he started middle school. He didn’t start on the first day of school because he is recovering from surgery but he did go to school on the first day to attend orientation. He met some of his classmates and learned the building numbers at his campus. This is a major transition for him as well, since he has ADHD and Dyslexia and will be in full inclusion honors classes. He left the comfort of his old school and it’s 640 students to attend a middle school with 3 separate buildings and 1500 students.

I was an anxious mess because of all of the transitions and new routines I had to implement with the kids. New bed times were set, new evening and morning routines were established and a new driving route to get both children to school on-time and to get me in my classroom ready to teach by 9am. I must have spoken with the Principal, Secretary, Special Education Resource Specialist and to the School Nurse a dozen times before he actually attended class. I am sure all of this contact was more for me than for him, I am completely sure of that. I figured if I was comfortable and I managed not to have a panic attack, I could instill the confidence he would need to be successful.

His first full day was filled with lots of assistance from staff and his peers, in fact it was as if a VIP had arrived on campus. All things worked together for all of us and I smiled with relief when I heard that both of my young children had a great day at school in spite of me not being able to stay with both of them! I smiled because they both thrived in their new roles. I smiled because they have both grown so much and they are both managing to survive without each other in the same school.

As I reflect on this week I am assured that I have taught them well, I have raised them to be strong, independent, loving, confident individuals and if that is all that I ever accomplish with my babies — I am proud to say, that is more than enough!

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“How you have lived the Be Enough Me feeling this week?”


4 thoughts on “Back to School 2011

    • Yeah, they were fine. I’d like to think all of my preparations with them helped with the transitions. I was a wreck! My son even got an elevator escort at his school. Talk about VIP treatment! LOL

  1. I am so glad to hear that your preparations and double checking really paid off. Sometimes I think being prepared can help more than anything else! Nice job 🙂

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