5 Ways To Stand Strong When Dealing with Adversity


  1. Admit The Truth (Self-reflection) ~ Take time for yourself to evaluate the problem.  Be truthful and don’t sugar-coat whatever is going on!  Look at what is happening objectively.  Is there an instant answer to your problem?  If so, what do you need to do to change your negative situation into a positive situation.
  2. Pray for Guidance ~ Ask GOD or your high-power for guidance.  Focus on releasing the stress associated with the problem and resolving to remain calm knowing that GOD and the universe are working for your good.  Accept that you are not in control of the entire situation and resolve to step out on faith.
  3. Face Your Fears ~ Admit your feelings.  It is okay to be afraid, uncertain or scared when faced with adversity.  Think of the worse case scenario and focus on resolutions that will prevent that from occurring.
  4. Ask For Support ~ Tell your family and friends what is going on.  Don’t shut out your loved ones They can be a great support to you and they might just be able to do more than offer a shoulder to cry on, they may have access to resources that you need during this difficult time.
  5. Forgive Others and Yourself if Necessary ~ Analyze where you went wrong and find out all of the facts about the problem.  Forgive others if they are at fault and forgive yourself if necessary.  Forgiveness is a major step in going forward to begin the healing process.  Accept responsibility for your part in the problem, acknowledge your mistake, learn the lessons you need to learn from the situation and move forward!






3 thoughts on “5 Ways To Stand Strong When Dealing with Adversity

  1. whew….this was a perfect spot for me to arrive at today. I’ve been having some medical tests done, which scare me. Your words, “…knowing that GOD and the universe are working for your good.” really helped, as did the other suggestions. I am a worrier and it drives me crazy when I have to wait. Your words calmed me today.

    It’s funny. You never know when you’ll be directed to the just the right place you need to visit. Today, it was your site. Thank you.

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