Letter to Me ~ Just Be Enough post

Dear Sammie,

I am sure that you are doing well, but by the time you read your life will have changed so much. I just wanted to tell you how proud I am that you have worked so hard to heal yourself and to be a great role model for your children. They are grown now and the time went so fast with them. The trials and triumphs you have helped them face are your badge of courage and your ode to motherhood.

You have raised three wonderful, amazing, resilient children that have overcome disappointments, learning challenges and the loss of their grandparents. It has been through your love, successes and mistakes that these beautiful children have grown to be loyal, truthful, affectionate, intelligent adults. I point this out because they have become this way in spite of your fears that your parenting skills may not have been enough.

Well, with the children all grown now it is officially your time to do all of those things that you have wanted to do but couldn’t or didn’t because of the kids needs. I’m so proud of your recent accomplishments of finishing your novel, and releasing the third edition of your Helping Children With Trauma training guide.

It’s your time to bask in the sun and enjoy the fruits of your labor, now understanding and truly believing what you did for your family was always enough!

Love always,



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