Gratitude Journal #3 for Dr. Susan Niebur

I wrote Curt Niebur a letter by hand this morning. Yes, Curt is Susan’s husband, so that affectionately makes him whydaddy by default. I had to write him and tell him how blessed I felt that I had the privilege of knowing his wife. Susan died on Monday, February 6, 2012 at the same time as I was burying my “son” Rich. I am comforted in knowing that he was there to great her when she passed.

My words are probably of little comfort to him today, but I hope that one day he will realize that Susan’s life reached thousands of people, dare I say hundreds of thousands of people. Her thoughts and experiences reached and touched people that never had the courage to write her but devoured her every word. Her life had purpose and impact on her family, community, cancer community and of course the blogosphere.

Those of us that did reach out to the heavenly star we knew as Susan, were received warmly, in spite of her daily suffering and pain. She braved a smile for us, she comforted us, she informed us and she lived for all of us. She inspired me in my everyday life and my writing ( and I often made reference to her and I’d Tweet a Diet Coke toast to her during her treatments. She was a FIGHTER! She was a FRIEND! She was the best and brightest color of the rainbow (PURPLE) and she certainly lights the night as one of heavens brightest stars!

I am grateful for your life, your work, your support, your friendship and you will truly be missed Susan. But you will live on in the sky and forever in my heart!

Love you to infinity and beyond,

Rest In Heaven Among the Stars


2 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal #3 for Dr. Susan Niebur

  1. Sammie Love – thanks for visiting my post. This is the 2nd time I came here. I explained this in my response to your fabulous comment. I told you I had visited and read your post, but didn’t comment. I explained:

    “The reason was that I am too full of “loss” right now. I couldn’t get past “I’m sorry” which seemed so insipid. I know it’s not… ”

    I wanted then to come back and say “I’m sorry” – seasoned and laced with Love.

  2. I was so sad (and angry with cancer) when I read that Susan Nieber was gone from this earth. I never knew her. Only followed her blog and rarely could think of words to encompass my admiration (without sounding like I was trying to suck up or something) and so almost never commented. But I still felt like the universe was a little more empty when I read that she will not post anything else.

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