Gratitude Journal #4

* I am a few days late posting due to a scheduling error on my part.


This week I am grateful for my friends. The ones that hold me up when I’m falling down. The ones that babysit my kids when I need a break. The ones that drive with me to Napa to pick up wine from Wine Shop At Home Headquarters for a party that got cancelled at the last minute. But they don’t complain and appreciate the time that we are spending together. I appreciate the friend that helps edit my book and keep me prodding along on the path to finish it because her insight and expertise keeps me on my toes.

I am grateful to the friends that help me take my kids to and from their soccer, basketball and baseball games. I am grateful for the friends that helped us move and get settled into our new house. I am so grateful to them and all that they do because they support me and my family in such valuable ways that merely saying thank you is not enough!

I am grateful to have such a great group of people to call friends and “family.”


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