June 2012 Blogging Schedule

June 2012 will mark the re-construction of this website to celebrate my 1 year Blog Anniversary. I will also be completing my A to Z Challenge since medical reasons did not allow me the time needed to finish my posts.

Thank you all for hanging in there with my while I recouperated from my third surgery in five months. I am kidney stones free, cancer free and uterus free. I am healing nicely and so thankful for your love and support!


April 3, 2012

Thanks for stopping by! This month is the A to Z Challenge 2012 and I am pretty excited about it. I decided to complete the A to Z Challenge by using my beloved hometown, San Francisco to introduce people to my fair city.

This month the SPOTLIGHT CORNER will be featured biweekly!  SPOTLIGHT CORNER is a weekly guest post that focuses on fellow bloggers and their accomplishments.  It is a way for all of us to get them better and they will share about their blogs.

My regular posts will still be featured as follows:

Monday through Friday ~ A to Z Challenge posts

Every Other Tuesday ~ Spotlight Corner post

Saturday ~ Gratitude Journal post

Saturday or Sunday I usually link up one of my favorite posts of the week to Write On Edge on their site.



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