Song of the Week ~ The Greatest Love Of All by Whitney Houston

I am sure that the song of the week will touch your heart just as the life and times of Whitney Houston has touched the lives of Americans and dare I say the world. THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL has become an anthem for children’s graduations and weddings because the sentiment of the song is so simple. Her love of children, family and friends was evident as she sang this song and that is just one of many reasons I chose this song.

In a world full of joy, pain, love and loss — there was Whitney. She was the songstress whose melodies were the soundtrack of my life. I grew up looking at Whitney as she graced the cover of SEVENTEEN Magazine as the first African-American to occupy the cover by herself. I LOOKED TO YOU, Whitney to be my role model of beauty. Your beauty was not the beauty that was projected in the media for young girls. Your short curly hair and big wide smile taught me about self-acceptance.

When she sang, I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY my heart leapt for joy and I joined the Soul Train line and waited to strut my stuff for my special guy. I’d get SO EMOTIONAL whenever I’d hear one of your new songs on the radio. I asked myself HOW WILL I KNOW? if he really loves me as a teenager in love and Whitney made that alright for me. Her voice and success laid the foundation for Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, Destiny’s Child, Britteny Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, Jill Scott and a litany of other women who joined the musical ranks.

Whitney’s rendition of I’M EVERY WOMAN became the anthem of womanhood and women of every race joined and sang along with her as we celebrated her pregnancy with her. Her sultry vocals transcended race, class and politics. Her message was carefully crafted and universal and it became clear that WHEN YOU BELIEVE miracles truly did happen. Her Olympic Anthem, ONE MOMENT IN TIME captured the world, as did her version of STAR SPANGLED BANNER. Whitney’s solo work and musical collaborations continue to be favorites world-wide. Just days before her death she shared the stage with Kelly Price and sang JESUS LOVES ME, that would be her final public performance and what an appropriate song this is to have ended her storied career with.

A few of my favorites that held me together through a really terrible break-up were:

I will not reflect on Whitney’s personal demons because it is not how I chose to reflect on her life. We all have our crosses to bear her’s was addiction and it is not my right to judge her. I conclude by saying I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU Whitney Houston and I thank you for the influence and contributions that your music has had on my life.




RIP – Amy Winehouse

I know everybody has something to say about the passing of Amy Winehouse and it certainly is sad to see such a musical talent leave us so soon. She joins a list of talented 27 year olds that couldn’t beat their addiction and met the angel of death too soon.

I’d like to say I was surprised that she is gone, but I am not. It was never a question of if she would die because of her addiction, the question was when would she die of her addiction. Again, I’m not surprised — I’m pissed! I’m pissed off that this tiny woman with this large voice that touched so many souls was stolen from us by her demon of choice called drugs.

Those of you who are callous quickly started singing, “Tried to make me go to rehab but I said no, no, no!” The media paraiahs have made this weekend unbearable for her fans by clamoring over each other to talk about bits and pieces of her life and speaking of her talent and pain as if you actually cared! Amy died of addiction and part of the reason she was addicted was because the cost of her fame was too high for even the average human to handle. She was a media darling when she ascended up the charts and she became disposed of like garbage when she could no longer control her addiction. Did you know pictures of her high were worth more than her smiling and enjoying her life? How sad is that? I’m not implying that the media killed Amy, but I am saying the tabloids and the publics constant, incessant desire to be like the stars and know about them has become a bottomless pit of despair for those in the entertainment industry. In sharp contrast to Amy Winehouse’s death, there has been minimal coverage of the massacre in Oslo, Norway. Children were killed in the country that gave the world the Noble Peace Prize and yet the world wide media is still dissecting the life of Amy Winehouse and trying to be the first to report exactly what drugs did she die from. Frankly, I DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT WHAT DRUG KILLED HER! Amy Winehouse is gone and I pray she has found the peace and rest that she was unable to obtain here on earth!

The purpose of this post is to ask each one of us to stop feeding into the media and their frenzy. Stop buying the tabloid and reading them because our desire to consume entertainers is the very thing that breaks them. Do it in memory of Amy! Do it for PINK and Mariah that just want to enjoy their children and keep them out of the spotlight so that they can be kids. Do it for all of the up and coming stars.

Rest in Peace Amy! See you on the other side.