Settling = FEAR

“What you settle for is determined by your fear!” this quote was tweeted by Kimora Lee Simmons Hounsou this morning. For those of you that don’t know me, I am enraptured by all things FABULOUS and no one exemplifies FABULOUSITY more than Kimora.

As I reflected on her quote, I thought about how true the statement really is and how appropriate it was for me to see it today as I participate in the 40 DAY FEAR CLEANSE.

I think about all of the things that I’ve settled for in my life: jobs with inadequate pay, relationships that were never meant to last, friends that abused my kindness, and living a life that lacked high goals. And I think to myself today as I sadly reflect back upon those situations and I have to admit that I got exactly what I deserved because I let fear guide my choices and I settled! I wasn’t dealt a bad hand in the friends department, I have always kept a job — but I settled for far less than I deserved on more than one occasion.

Fear is a sweet talker. Fear lulls you into accepting mediocrity. Fear allows doubts to squash your dreams and visions of a better life. Fear is a two-faced false friend that fills you with doubts! It is easy for fear to do that, especially if you are feeling like I was feeling at the time. Fear was my constant companion after I was raped. My fears were so irrational that I was paralyzed. I ate the same thing I always ate, I went to the same places that I felt safe, I worked where I wasn’t challenged because I was fearful that if I did anything more than what I was doing at the time I just might fall apart.

The funny thing about FEAR is it’s arch-enemy is called FAITH! FAITH is the absence of FEAR and it is TRUSTING that the ALMIGHTY will provide or bring out that good thing within you, that will guide you past fearing your own shadow. Faith is no easy friend to have for the impatient. Let me tell you, faith is a ride or die friend and she will stay all up in your ear trying to keep you away from her nemesis called fear! Faith will sing a hopeful song, or call you just when you were about to give up. Faith will pull you out of bed when fear had pulled the covers back over your head. Faith will remind you that JESUS is a love song and she will send another friend of hers to help you out and cheer you up because she knows there are strength in numbers. FAITH won’t let you settle and live in FEAR because she knows that you have what it takes to be successful in your home, with your family, on your job and in your future! So today’s lesson is step out and hang out with FAITH. Know that she is the divine balance in the Universe that Our FATHER requires of us to get to know so that we can rise above mediocrity!

Stop settling and start receiving the gifts that fear has been blocking you from getting.