Five Things That Make Me Smile

1. Paris, France ~
Thoughts and memories of Paris always make me smile! The people, the beautiful streets and sites and of course the spirit of creativity that fills the air. There is nothing like Paris! It is someplace that is truly original and it’s diversity, people and gardens just keep inspiring: artists, designers, models, performers and writers alike to envision beyond the ordinary to create the extraordinary,

2. Family & Friends ~
My family and friends are the source of hours of laughter. They inspire and encourage me and they always give a different perspective, which allows me not to take myself so seriously!

3. Forgiveness ~
The grace of forgiveness always makes me smile. Even though I often don’t deserve it, I am so grateful for the gift of forgiveness because it lightens the burdens on heart.

4. Healing (Physically and Mentally) ~
Healing provides heartache a reason to smile. Healing reconnects my soul with the happiness that was lost in painful situations and assures me that GOD is always nearby!

5. Learning ~
I always smile when I learn something new because it usually opens my mind to a new perspective about things. I smile when I learn because learning provides me with an opportunity to grow.