Why I write?

Today I am concentrating on shedding outside interpretations of my writing. I am a contrast of twists and fate. I am in a constant battle between good verses bad and my writing reflects that.

I write for two distinct audiences one audience loves my Puritan, common sense approach to life and all things relevant. The other audience loves my wild, adventurous, whimsical approach to life. They admire my laisse faire attitude, reckless abandon and the way I charge full speed ahead towards tomorrow.

The good girl in me kept my naughty thoughts and brash opinions hidden from public view all to myself! I was afraid of others opinions and what they would think of me after they read my unconventional work. That inner voice kept calling me, that voice began to beg me to write about my feelings and desires. There were opinions and tales that I needed to explore and address. Soon that naughty girl voice began to erupt, fester and explode! I needed to release that voice and relieve myself from the S.I.N. (the self imposed non-sense) that I was dumping upon myself.

I needed to realize that if I wasn’t writing what I believed in, whether it was good, bad, or truly ugly — I wasn’t being true to myself or using my authentic voice. So cleverly devised a plan to write/publish both sets of my writing. My good girl side is here at: The Musings and Ramblings of Sammie Love and my naughty girl comes out to play at: Sammie Loves This. This as close as I can come to a true meeting of the minds as far as my writing goes at this time. I’m just pleased to no longer be in the closet with my writing. I’m no longer living in fear about the musings, ramblings or erotic dreams in my head.